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Oral, Sound and Visual Archive 

MEMORJA is the oral, sound and visual archive of the National Archives of Malta. Tracing back its roots to the National Memory project, initiated in 2004, MEMORJA was launched in 2017 with the goal of developing into Malta’s  main depositor of national and public memory.


(Political Poster, 1950-51) 

Our objective is to employ cutting edge research, methodologies and archival approaches to collect, record, transcribe, preserve, and make accessible shared and individual memories, oral history and traditions as well as knowledge and experiences of the Maltese people.


MEMORJA’s oral history-trained staff carry out fieldwork in the community and enrich our archives with a panoply of memories and recollections, personal photographs, documents, ephemera, audio recordings and film reels which are generously deposited at the NAM.

(Below Yoked Farm Horses, Siggiewi, 1950-1951)

The constant presence of fieldworkers carrying out research in the community has made the NAM ever more visible. The relationship of trust which has been generated between the institution and the public due to continuous fieldwork has extended the NAM’s reach and has broadened the project’s boundaries significantly.


While the project does not exclude any recordings/records of any genre whatsoever, themes have been selected for which fieldwork has been carried out. These themes include Experiencing War, Migration, The Sea, Malta Buses and Transport, Agriculture, Industry and the COVID-19 pandemic. 


All digitised material falling under the project’s scope will be preserved, catalogued, and presented onto an official web portal which is to be launched soon.


(Fishermen loading nets at Wied iż-Żurrieq, 1950-1951)